EUROSPINE Presidents Prize

Dear Serdar Kahraman,


The society is growing in numbers and activities. We now have a new ‘young member‘ category, whereby those under the age of 40 can join the society at extremely low cost and have the high value of all the membership benefits.

We wish to increase the EUROSPINE visibility amongst all potential spine specialists at a formative stage for them.   

I wish to announce a ‘Presidents Prize’ of 500 euros for the best submission with the title.

‘How can the spinal trainees of today become the best spine specialists of tomorrow?’

The winner will be announced in Lyon. The abstract should be a word document, in English, of no more than 350 words, it can include other media in the word document, but no more than 1MB file size. It should be submitted by 20th September 2014 to

Please inform any suitable trainee doctor, researcher or other spine specialist of this opportunity to enhance their CV and have a prize. It is totally open to all regardless of nationality or country of residence. In keeping with our young member category the age limit is under 40.

The winning submission will be published on our website and in our newsletter.

Many thanks for taking the time to forward this mail to the enthusiastic young people that are the future of our society.


Yours sincerely


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